Painted the differential and came up with a method for molding the new wings

The differential paint is looking about as nice as brushed on metallic can. I may break out the spray brush and see if I can do it better with the brush. In any event it looks better than the nasty unpainted rusty hunk it was.


I have been debating several idea for splitting the rear wings to widen them the required amount for my wider track. I stuck on an idea I think has some merit today. I thought about using some piece of smooth flexible material to wrap around the outside of the wings while they are split and lay the glass up against the smooth part. This should dramatically reduce the finishing time required once the part is complete and give me better control of the piece while laying them up. I had a piece of 0.032″ 3003 laying around that fits nearly exactly what I want. A few good coats of wax and some PVA and I think it will do quite nicely. I have to ensure good contact all the way around though, and I am not quite sure how to do that. This is a picture of a mockup:


Hopefully if I let the aluminum sit like that for a few days it will relax a bit and not spring so much. That will make getting contact easier.


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