A Beautiful Lotus???

I stumbled across this picture today on the Ultimate Car Page coverage of a car show in Michigan:

It claims it is an original 1960 Super Seven, but I have never seen one with rear wings like that and I am dead sure it is the custom all aluminum clubman I saw go by on eBay a few months ago. The base chassis is a Caterman, so it is closer to a real Lotus than any of the “locost” cars are…
Here are a few pictures and the description from the eBay ad, the workmanship is extraordinary:


Custom built over the last 15 years with over 4000 hours of my time invested. This street legal car has a clear Arizona title, but has never been registered. This is a new car with zero miles. The car is very unique with everything polished aluminum, nickel plated, chrome plated, polished stainless steel, anodized aluminum or carbon fiber, but no paint. Nothing was spared during the build and only the highest quality components were used. I enjoy building cars and with this finished, it is time to sell it.


Base Chassis:

  • 1989 Caterham long cockpit DeDion (new, never used)
  • Chrome Moly Roll Bar (chrome plated)
  • Nickel Plated Chassis
  • Additional Bracing


  • New Skin
  • Alloy Nosecone (modified)
  • Alloy Front Cycle Wings (widened 1″)
  • Alloy Rear Cycle Wings (widened 2″)
  • Alloy Boot Cover
  • Full Carbon Fiber Underpan
  • Carbon Fiber Tunnel
  • Carbon Fiber Scuttle Panel
  • Carbon Fiber Scuttle Tray
  • Carbon Fiber Interior Back Panel
  • All Panels Attached With Aluminum Button Head Hardware

Front Suspension:

  • Custom Fully Adjustable Wide Double A-Arms
  • Modified Large Spindle Uprights
  • Aluminum Hub
  • ARP Wheel Studs
  • Adjustable Sway Bar
  • Double Adjustable Koni 3012 Aluminum Racing Shocks
  • Adjustable Spring Platforms
  • Carrera Springs (chrome)
  • Full NMB Rod Ends / Spherical Bearings
  • AN Hardware
  • Nickel Plated

Rear Suspension:

  • Custom Fully Adjustable Wide Double A-Arms
  • Custom Uprights
  • Sierra Hubs / Carriers
  • ARP Wheel Studs
  • Adjustable Sway Bar
  • Double Adjustable Koni 3012 Aluminum Racing Shocks
  • Adjustable Spring Platforms
  • Carrera Springs (chrome)
  • Full NMB Rod Ends
  • AN Hardware
  • Nickel Plated


  • Custom Titan Aluminum Quick Ratio Steering Rack
  • Quick Release Steering Hub
  • Tubular Steering Shafr (Nickel Plated)
  • Alloy Borgeson U-Joints
  • Momo Steering Wheel

Brakes, Clutch, Throttle:

  • 10″ Vented Discs
  • AP CP2270 4-pot Calipers
  • Custom Aluminum Hats
  • Modified Tilton Pedal Assembly
  • Tilton Proportioning Valves
  • Scott Parking Brake (hydraulic)
  • CNC Emergency Brake
  • Stainless Steel Hard Lines
  • Teflon / Braided Stainless Steel Soft Lines
  • Girling Master Cylinders (3)
  • Girling Remote Reservoirs
  • Tilton 5.5″ OT-III Twin Disc Metal Ceramic Rally Clutch
  • Tilton Aluminum Flywheel
  • Tilton Concentric Slave Assembly
  • CNC Hydraulic Throttle Assembly
  • Lotus Aluminum Bell housing

Wheels, Tires:

  • Monocoque Racing Wheels (Custom) 9.5 x 13
  • Hoosier P225 / 45 D13 Street TD tires


  • Cosworth 2.05L BDP (new from Cosworth Engineering)
  • Dyno Time Only
  • DA2 Inlet / Exhaust Camshafts
  • Piper Variable Cam Pulleys
  • Custom Stainless Steel Headers
  • Titan Aluminum Sump Pan
  • Cosworth Dry Sump System
  • Canton Oil Filter (6 micron)
  • Patterson Dry Sump Tank
  • Tilton Super Starter
  • Motec M4 Pro ECU
  • Wide Band Lambda
  • Wasted Spark Direct Fire Ignition
  • TWM 48mm Throttle Bodies
  • ITG Air Cleaner


  • Quaife Sequential 6-speed Straight Cut Dog Box
    • Alloy Maincase
    • Shifter Extension
    • (2.647, 2.012, 1.618, 1.337, 1.151, 1.000)
  • Sierra Differential (LSD 3.92:1)
  • Nickel Plated Propshaft / Driveshafts


  • Tillet Carbon / Kevlar Seats
  • Schroth Racing 3″ 6-Point Harness
  • Motec ADL 2 Dash
    • Interface to Motec M4 Pro
    • 3-axis Accelerometer Logging
  • Carbon Fiber Dash Panel


  • B&C Aircraft Alternator
    • Linear Regulator
    • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Tefzel Mil Spec Wiring
  • DTM Connectors
  • MetriPak Connectors
  • Mil Spec Relays
  • Mil Spec Breakers
  • Mil Spec Switches
  • Master Switch
  • Lighting (5.25″ Headlight)
  • Lighting (Lucas Indicators, Stop)


  • Holley Fuel Pump
  • Bosch Fuel Pump
  • Canton Fuel Filters (1 and 6 micron)
  • Custom Fuel Safe Fuel Cell (12 Gal)
  • Kinsler Pressurized Vapor Seperator Tank
  • Griffin Custom Aluminum Radiator
  • Coolant Swirl Tank
  • Coolant Header Tank
  • Coolant Overflow Tank
  • Aluminum / Silicone Coolant Lines
  • Oil Cooler / Thermostat
  • SPA Design Carbon Fiber Mirrors
  • SPA Design On-Board Fire Suppression System
    • Electrically Activated
    • Nozzles (Engine, Fuel Cell, Cockpit)

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