Sanding, sanding and rear body work

I started sanding, sanding, and more sanding on the bonnet today. The radiator duct surface finish is about 20% complete. There are another several hours of sanding left before the surface finish is adequate.

I fit up the rear bodywork and cut a floor for the fuel tank chamber. The stock design doesn’t include such a feature but keeping dirt and gravel out of that area is a concern so I am going to add a few panels to reduce the places that dirt can get in. I haven’t yet decided how closely to fit the floor to the differential housing.

I sat in the drivers seat to check overall fit and estimate pedal clearance. I used my paper bracket deign to mockup the internal bonnet latches. Clutch foot clearance will be close so I am gong to have to mock them up using the real latches to be sure. In any event I think I am going to have to choose shoes carefully, as the sandals I was wearing when I did this fit would actuate any two of the three pedals at a time.


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