Bonnet hinges and radiator ductwork

I reworked the bonnet hinges to allow some adjustability when hanging the bonnet. Really I just drilled all the holes out to 3/8″ so the hinge plates could be move 1/8″ in all directions.

The outside of the bonnet has recovered from my messy layup. Next time I really have to keep acetone handy to wipe up before everything cures.

I also installed the steering column bushes. This turned out to be quite a chore. Initially I resisted setting up my lathe thinking it would take to long. So after 30 minutes of struggling to shave the diameter down enough to fit the bushing into the steering tube, I broke out the lathe and ten minutes later had both of the bushings installed.

I also used a laser level to sight along the top rails inside the bonnet, and discover some possible interference issues between any gas spring I may us and the upper spring mount. I may also have problems if I try to go to inboard coil-overs.


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