Finished hip panels, and some thoughts on the bonnet

Finished up the hip panels. There is enough room to drill along the bottom cross-member if you are creative with the drill.I received 2 NACA ducts for eventual use in the engine intake. The L67 intake is at the rear of the engine so the hood scoop isn’t particularly efficient at getting cool air there, but it should be good at flushing the engine compartment. I need to clean up the scoop inlet though. Right now it has some lips that must really impede flow at high speeds.


I ordered the rest of the AN hardware from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, as well as material to build the wider control arms. I still haven’t decided whether to use a push-rod design or just longer coil-over. In any event I went with round tubing over streamline for ease of fabrication. I am thinking of ways to provide fairings for the tubes to cut the drag, but haven’t come up with much yet.


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