Larger tires and the Detroit Tru Trac

I emailed Dennis about the effect larger tires would have and he pointed out that the car is so light that larger rear street tires actually spin more than the 205s the car normally uses on the street. So I’ll stick with the 205’s. The Ariel Atom uses 185s, so clearly the weight is the issue. I still like the idea of a 60” track. This will require new front control arms. The price of 4130 streamline tubing is astounding, over 25$ per foot for what I think I would need, and it is not clear that I can make the out board ends sensibly. I may just stick with 4130 tubing and remake the existing control arms (copy, not modify the actual parts)

I like the wider appearing rear better than the more traditional narrow rear of the Super Stalker. Using a 60” track rear end from a 4wd S-10 will push the wheels out far enough to support this look, but the rear fenders will have to be extended.

I was finally able to disassemble the entire rear diff. It will be much easier to assemble this way vice at it fully assembled weight. The backing plates (which double as caliper mounts) can be switched from side to side which would allow the brake calipers to mount in the rear on the axle, which will give additional clearance to the rear links. For the record, the axles have 30 splines.

I also found from Dennis that the Detroit Tru-Trac is the equivalent of a Torsen and there are carriers available for the 8.5” rear end I have. Summit Racing has them for a decent price.


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