Cutting open the differential

I posted my problem with the differential on Pirate 4×4, I figured those guys probably have a lot of knowledge of solid axle rear ends that see lots of abuse. The owner of Jaws Gear mentioned that the pinion gear could be scored to the point where the spider gears hang up and the pin won’t easily come out. He said try a BOH (Big Ole Hammer) and if that didn’t work a cutting torch would be required. Last night I used a cutting torch and succeeded in getting the pinion free. I tried not to damage the spider gears or the differential housing but I did gouge out one of the bearing surfaces for the spider gear pinion, so I will start looking for a new differential…maybe I can even get 3.08 or 2.73 gears so I will have a usable first gear in the Stalker. Using a cutting torch is a lot harder that it looks. I practiced quite a bit on the angle iron and an old worn out brake disc, but had a very difficult time getting clean cuts. I’ll keep practicing.


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